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Why VoIP for Business?

7100Why VoIP for Business?

Why VoIP for your business? Because VoIP lets you combine voice and data into a single, easy to manage service. Many business owners have heard about VoIP but they’re not sure how it can work with their business.
It’s a step toward greater efficiency and productivity.
VoIP allows you to have your phone line on an IP network. Unified communications offers the power of a phone service with a secure network. By combining all of your communications, from voice to data, you can enjoy cost-effective, easy to use business solution full of features that will help you do business better.
VoIP helps you focus on your business.
When you switch to an IP based communications system, you’ll find that you’ll increase productivity and allow you time to focus on more important matters than IT. You’ll spend less money on travel by using online conferencing and other tools for better collaboration. Your employees will have more ways to stay connected with easier ways to maintain access to your network, whether at work or at home.
VoIP lets you have many features without paying extra fees.
Business rich features such as voicemail, caller id, conferencing, forwarding and follow me are added without paying extra fees. You’ll find that it’s easy to work remotely from any place with an Internet connection.
1. Less expensive phone service
2. Affordable local and long distance
3. Free calling features with optional advanced features
4. Convenience
5. Mobility
6. 24/7 monitoring of your phone system by IT professionals
7. Save money by combining your phone and data networks
8. Increase employee productivity
9. Gives you time to focus on your business and not your network
10. No charge for incoming calls.

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Our client base is versatile, from the tech savvy IT manager to the small business owner that just needs things to work. No question is asked of us more than this one: What is Unified Communications? And then there’s the predictable follow up question: Do I really need that? The answer is simply, yes. You do need Unified Communications. First, let’s start with what exactly Unified Communications is.

Unified Communications or UC for short, is essentially the network hardware and software you have working in harmony to function the way it was designed to function. UC is not necessarily the same brand of equipment from one manufacturer, or moreover, it’s making all of your equipment work together. UC is not necessarily a single product, but a set of products that provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types. That’s the first level explanation. It is unified communications. Get it? All your communicating equipment unified. Self explanatory, right? Good. Now let’s delve into the onion.

We found the following description on Wikipedia, and liked it so much to share here – UC allows an individual to send a message on one medium and receive the same communication on another medium. For example, one can receive a voicemail message and choose to access it through e-mail or a cell phone. If the sender is online according to the presence information and currently accepts calls, the response can be sent immediately through text chat or video call. Otherwise, it may be sent as a non-real-time message that can be accessed through a variety of media.

Unified Communications has arrived, and it’s here to stay. Like any other popular technology invention, there is a govering body. In May 2010, the Unified communications Interoperability Forum (UCIF) was announced. UCIF is an independent, non-profit alliance between technology companies that creates and tests interoperability profiles, implementation guidelines, and best practices for interoperability between UC products and existing communications and business applications. The original founding members were HP, Juniper Networks, Logitech / Lifesize, Microsoft and Polycom.

Here’s a partial list of companies that specialize in end-to-end solutions in the UC world:

Adtran – Cisco – AT&T – IBM – Shoretel – Alcatel Lucent

With technology ever changing, the savvy business owner is becoming hyper aware of researching their equipment purchases, and making sure the technology is working at it’s best capacity to serve their needs in the most productive manner. That’s the theory behind Unified Communications. And boys and girls, when it works, it’s Golden.

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Happy Summer Solstice!

June 20 – the first day of summer. It has arrived with a flourish of sunshine and abundant heat. We’re not complaining, being based in a  Southern state we not only know heat, we anticipate it – plan for it and in some cases demand it. The start of June had us quoting multiple projects – fans for exterior cabinets being the most demanded product this month. It’s not cool to let your Telecom gear suffer. Also popular this season is the air conditioned cabinet for exterior use. Completely couture means they are completely customizable – excellent shelters for sensitive equipment. Cost efficient, and since they are custom built to your specs – you can design the cabinet for your needs now or your future needs.  Need an indoor cabinet to house your networking equipment? We’ve got those too, fellow geeks.

The opposite of heat is obviously cool – and what’s cooler than savings? That’s right – the start of summer brings a H U G E savings if your in the market for a surveillance system. Commercial grade exterior cameras with night vision. Keep tabs on your SmartPhone (must download app) from anywhere in the world. Install available in all 48 states – if you need turnkey. Hey Hawai`i residents, we probably have someone to hook up your system too -so don’t let being stranded on the little island keep you from buying. As for you Alaska folks, we’ll come personally hook your system up – our IT dude has “Visit Alaska” on his bucket list.

When you think of information technology (IT) you probably don’t get excited unless your printer won’t print or the telephone is dead. Here at the world headquarters of Integrated Communications, in sunny Tanner, Alabama, we get excited about all things IT. Technology keeps our business doors open and our phones ringing.

As a universal distributor of numerous manufacturers, IT is our game. Today, in our very first blog, we want to give you a glimpse into our world- a day in the life of, so to speak. You see, we are not only the source for your telecom needs, but we are the guys that get called when 911 Data center have outages, since we also do service contracts. So now, onto a Day in the Life.

Our CIO and Geek extradionaire hit a home run in the wee hours last night – a remote network monitoring device programmed at a new customer site dispatched an error alarm that the VPN was out – down and out for the count.This occured about 12:30AM Central Standard Time.(The accounting department here has yet to get a concensus as to what time this event happened in “Greenwich Mean Time”) Anyways, since the customer is in the medical field and relys heavily on said VPN – knowing when there’s an outage gives us a headstart on getting the biz up and going again. CIO and Geek extradionaire was entirely too pleased with himself, especialy considering his lack of beauty sleep – for having the gumption to originally install said remote monitoring device. Customer was able to open business as usual, so we all tipped out hat to our very own CIO and Geek extradionaire.

How many of you have been to Athens? Greece that is. We get to go in our minds daily around here as we deal with Milo – an authentic Greek middle aged man that is not only telecom savvy but thrifty as well. Milo, a reluctant transplant to the Atlantic East Coast, is notorious for weaving obscure Greek trivia into every conversation. Now Milo is always searching for an obsolete data cable or some gadget that has yet to be invented. Charming Milo today needs a universal power converter. And a power inverter. And utlitmately a business class surge protector. Now of course, all of those things can indeed have their own application – but our customer service department started taking bets on when Milo will call back to detail the “success” of that operation.

Lastly – today we completed our post sales product survey on a telephone Gateway we installed at the end of March – bascially that translates to “the invoice is in the e-mail”. This was a major project over the course of several months – that began with a cabling job, waiting on construction, and installation. Hats off to the entire team at iComm for coming in ahead of schedule and under the customer’s budget.  

That’s it for our first blog. We hope to update this weekly, assuming we have good news or something fun to share. Feel free to check out our website at www.icommonline.com to see more of us. And of course, we’ll keep you posted on our friend from the Hellenic Republic.

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