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Happy Summer Solstice!

June 20 – the first day of summer. It has arrived with a flourish of sunshine and abundant heat. We’re not complaining, being based in a  Southern state we not only know heat, we anticipate it – plan for it and in some cases demand it. The start of June had us quoting multiple projects – fans for exterior cabinets being the most demanded product this month. It’s not cool to let your Telecom gear suffer. Also popular this season is the air conditioned cabinet for exterior use. Completely couture means they are completely customizable – excellent shelters for sensitive equipment. Cost efficient, and since they are custom built to your specs – you can design the cabinet for your needs now or your future needs.  Need an indoor cabinet to house your networking equipment? We’ve got those too, fellow geeks.

The opposite of heat is obviously cool – and what’s cooler than savings? That’s right – the start of summer brings a H U G E savings if your in the market for a surveillance system. Commercial grade exterior cameras with night vision. Keep tabs on your SmartPhone (must download app) from anywhere in the world. Install available in all 48 states – if you need turnkey. Hey Hawai`i residents, we probably have someone to hook up your system too -so don’t let being stranded on the little island keep you from buying. As for you Alaska folks, we’ll come personally hook your system up – our IT dude has “Visit Alaska” on his bucket list.

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